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Technology Transfer Services

The office of Technology Transfer Services at Utah State University represents the entire University and derives its strength from USU’s employees and students. It is our desire and our commitment to protect USU’s intellectual property and to develop relevant, practical technologies with industry so that we can appropriately leverage the intellectual, financial and creative assets of Utah State University. Our technology transfer team can help determine what commercialization options may be viable for the technology in question.

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IP Services Brain

Intellectual Property Services

Intellectual Property Services, a university unit within the office of General Counsel, is fully dedicated to helping USU faculty and staff protect intellectual property developed within the University. If you have any questions about whether your research or idea could be considered protectable intellectual property, please contact our office. The IPSO team supports USU community members as they disclose their novel technologies and assists in technology commercial development. The IPSO team also ensures that all obligations to sponsoring entities are met.

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Innovation Campus

USU’s Innovation Campus provides an environment with facilities, services and technology, as well as programs and expertise that stimulate and support the growth of research and technology-based enterprises. Both start-up and established companies thrive and expand here in a stimulating environment of innovation with easy access to faculty, students, collaborators, infrastructure, and state-of-the-art research facilities. Innovation campus is a place where students can gain hands-on experience that enhances their readiness to join today's workforce.

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