Spider silk is considered one of nature’s strongest materials. However, since spiders are cannibalistic and cannot be farmed, scientists and engineers have been working to find a solution to take advantage of the unique and varied properties found in spider silk.

Utah Science Technology and Research (USTAR) professor Dr. Randy Lewis, and his team at Utah State University, were the first to successfully clone all six spider silk genes, enabling the development of several different synthetic spider silk proteins, each with varying characteristics of strength and elasticity. The creation of these spider silk proteins, along with proprietary production processes, makes mass production of synthetic spider silk a reality and opens a world of nearly limitless applications within a number of industries.

  • High performance fabrics
  • Medical applications
  • Cosmetics
  • Advanced coatings
  • Surface treatments
  • Optical enhancement
  • Bioadhesive materials
  • Advanced composites
  • Lightweight and strong yarns and ropes



Spider Silk: