Christian Iverson, MBA
Director, Technology Transfer Services
Christian Iverson is the Director for Utah State University's Technology Transfer Services office. His primary area of focus is the commercialization of life science technologies. Iverson has ten years of experience in biotechnology research, development, commercialization and start-up management. Prior to joining Utah State in 2012, he served as the Executive Director of the Spendlove Medical Research Institute where he developed and managed a wide variety of programs, including programs to develop low cost diagnostic tools, improve air quality and teach the invention process to high school students. Prior to being Executive Director he was the co-founder and Vice President of Business Development for Quansys Biosciences.  As VP of Business Development, he oversaw the Sales and Marketing and Administration activities for the company. Christian remains involved with Quansys Biosciences as a member of the Board of Directors. Prior to his employment at Quansys, he was an R&D Project Manager at the Spendlove Medical Research Institute where he led the multiplex development of antibodies for the Q-Plex Technology.  The technology was licensed to Quansys Biosciences and he was picked to function as the VP of Business Development.  He earned his undergraduate degrees in biology and business as well as his MBA from Utah State University.

Manager, Technology Transfer Services

Kate Peterson Astle is a Manager in Utah State University's Technology Transfer Services office. Her primary area of focus is the commercialization of education and software related technologies. Astle joined the Technology Transfer Services team in 2012. During her time at USU, Kate has worked on a number of proposals and contracts, most recently helping USU receive the "Innovation and Economic Prosperity Designation" by the Association of Public Land-Grant Institutions. Astle has also served as an Entrepreneurial Mentor for an NSF funded I-Corps team, where she had the opportunity to coach a team of scientific researchers through the process of customer discovery and market fit using lean startup methodologies. Prior to joining the Technology Transfer Services team, Aslte served as a Graduate Research Assistant for economics professor Dr. Nick Lei Guo. Astle earned her undergraduate degree in English with a minor in Chemistry as well as her MBA from Utah State University.

Alan Edwards, JD
Manager, Technology Transfer Services

Alan Edwards’s primary focus is on the innovative technologies originating from the College of Engineering, Physics Department and the Space Dynamics Laboratory at Utah State University. He joined the Technology Transfer Services team in 2017 with previous experience as a technology manager at the University of Utah, commercializing faculty innovations ranging from laser interferometry to music recording systems through licensing or startup companies. Edwards is a registered patent attorney with several years’ experience protecting, enforcing and defending technologies including diesel engines, photographic optics and nuclear plasma containment methods in New York, Utah, Colorado and Washington D.C. federal courts with additional experience in trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, licensing and domain name disputes. Edwards has been an advisor to the officer of the National Congress of Inventor Organizations. He co-founded and was CEO of Great Sun Software, a sports-related startup company and was an award-winning journalist with the Salt Lake Deseret News for 10 years, covering technology, government and a  variety of other topics. Edwards holds a B.A. in Physics and M.A. in Communications from Utah State University and a JD from Duke University.