Technology Transfer Services

The office of Technology Transfer Services at Utah State University represents the entire University and derives its strength from USU’s employees and students. It is our desire and our commitment to protect USU's intellectual property and to develop relevant, practical technologies with industry so that we can appropriately leverage the intellectual, financial and creative assets of Utah State University. If you have any questions about whether your research or idea could be considered protectable intellectual property, please contact our office. Our technology transfer team can help determine what commercialization options may be viable for the technology in question.

Read our 2015 Annual Report:

2015 Annual Report

Did You Know?

In the last three years, USU has averaged 78 new invention disclosures, 27 new patent applications, 11 U.S. patents issued, 15 licenses executed, and 4 startups created.

USU now has a presence in 28 of Utah's 29 counties where programs like the Small Business Development Center (SBDC), Business Exapansion and Retention (BEAR), and the Business Outreach and Support Services (BOSS) programs have been established.