What we do at the Intellectual Property Services Office:

  1. Identify Intellectual Property

    Intellectual property (“IP”) includes patentable inventions (processes, devices, machines, and compositions of matter), copyrightable materials (books, software, music, art, etc.), trademarks (words and symbols that the market associates with goods or services, i.e. “Utah State University”) and trade secrets (inventions that we choose to keep secret instead of following a patent pathway).

    If you think you may have developed IP, please let us know. We can protect the IP and explore ways to commercialize it. Remember that when USU is successful in commercializing IP, the creators/inventors get to share in that success per USU’s Intellectual Property Policy.

  2. Help with the disclosure process

    Once IP has been identified, it needs to be disclosed in USU’s inventor portal. The process is simple and we are here to help. If you have questions, contact us.

  3. Conduct an initial evaluation

    After IP is disclosed, we meet with the creators/inventors to learn more. We search for related third party IP that may help inform our protection strategy and coordinate with Business Development Services to conduct a search of the IP's market potential.

  4. Formulate a protection strategy

    Depending on our initial evaluation, we decide how to protect the newly disclosed IP. This may include filing a patent application in the United States or internationally, registering trademarks or copyrights, or formulating a plan to keep trade secrets from entering the public domain.

  5. Protect

    Unlike many universities, our staff includes two intellectual property attorneys, and an IP paralegal. We often protect the new IP right here at USU without involving outside law firms. We work directly with creators/inventors to streamline the protection process. We also help ensure that USU's interests are protected by drafting and executing appropriate agreements.